Discretionary Portfolio Management

Yapı Kredi Asset Management has been a pioneer in discretionary portfolio management, and provides service to institutions, including corporations, foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, and HNWIs.

The company prides itself on establishing long-term relationships with clients and managing a variety of mandates based on unique investment requirements.

On asset class basis, portfolios encompas:

  • Turkish Lira
  • Foreign Currency
  • Equities

Diversifying with the sub groups in all asset classes, Yapı Kredi Asset Management is able to create custom made asset allocation based on the risk profile and requirements of the client.

Some of the key qualities of Discretionary Portfolio Management Service include:

  • Best-fit portfolio structure depending on the investor's risk/return preferences and requirements
  • Asset selection - parallel to risk tolerance level and benchmark of portfolios - based on fundamental and quantitative analysis and research
  • Actively managed portfolios by an experienced investment team of professionals
  • Continuous portfolio performance tracking and risk monitoring in line with mandate requirements and benchmarks
  • Standard as well as customized reporting and CRM services at requested intervals

Strategies According to Asset Class

Turkish Lira

A suitable alternative for investors who want their investments to be allocated principally in TL denominated assets. With an active management approach, this option offers a wide range of alternatives in portfolio allocation; from conservative investment models, which totally use fixed income financial instruments; to investment models employing risky assets, such as equities and derivative tools, for leverage purposes in line with rising performance target and risk level.

Foreign Currency

Fits the needs of investors who desire to allocate their savings in foreign currency denominated assets but also aiming to benefit from the income potential of alternative financial instruments to a certain extent. These portfolios focus on foreign currency instruments, but with an active management strategy by also investing in TL, parity, gold, and in stocks.


A perfect match for investors searching for high return potential, and tolerate marked fluctuations the value of their assets. The majority of the assets in this portfolio category is allocated in equities, while short-term TL denominated bonds, reverse repo and derivative instruments are alternative financial instruments, in which the asset management group invests according to the view in financial markets.