All YKAM operations rely heavily on advanced use of technology. By means of this awareness, the Company strives to stay ahead of the technological curve by implementing solutions that give a technological edge to current and potential operations. Along with many power users those have extensive knowledge and experience, YKAM enjoys a critical advantage in diagnosing operational problems due to technological inadequacies, as well as aversion of bottlenecks by providing alternative solutions, and in-house development capabilities.

Such a buoyant culture of technological innovation has yielded many positive results for the Company in terms of efficiency; many front office operations as well as most investment compliance, risk management and back office functions are well automated. The level of automation at YKAM allows employees to spend more time on value adding processes instead of operational routines.

The Company works with many solution partners for development of technological solutions and uses customized solution packs for each and every function. Fund management and private portfolio management clients are managed via the portfolio management system. This system is a system capable of instant fund management and is a complementary part of the investment compatibility function within the intra-day flows deterring active violations, reporting passive ones with advanced pre-settlement compatibility system . This system which is also capable of calculating the fund price is used with a view to controlling accuracy of fund prices so calculated by the Fund Service Unit, as well. Furthermore, this platform enables activities such as CRM, MIS, auditing, compatibility, total data and analysis-based marketing and sales reporting as required by and set forth in the legislation to be carried out whilst providing accounting, taxes, NAV and operational applications making other various calculations.