This enlightening form has been drafted as per article 10, "Law on Protection of Personal Data" numbered 6698, and objective of this form is enlightening and informing you about method, objective, legal reasons of processing and transfer of your personal data and your rights regarding protection of your personal data.

Your personal data provided by you to our company or acquired by company in order for you to buying of various products such as Mutual Fund Trading within scope of Fund Distribution, Portfolio Management and Investment Advisory from Yapı Kredi Portföy Yönetimi Anonim Şirketi/ are processed within scope of "Law on Protection of Personal Data" in the capacity of " Data Controller ".

Your personal data are processed so that our business units are able to carry out works required to help you benefit from products and services offered by our company, products and services offered by our company are customized to your likes, using habits and needs and offered to you, you may be contacted with regards to the product and service bought/to be bought by you, your contact details may be used for marketing activities provided that you give prior consent to that end, and for many other purposes such as product/service offer, modeling, intelligence, reporting, scoring, risk monitoring, identification and implementation of our Company's commercial and business strategies, existing or new product works of our company and companies of which we are an affiliate and identification of new potential customers, etc. and other personal data processing conditions and purposes set forth in the Law numbered 6698 with regards to Mutual Fund Trading within Scope of Fund Distribution, Portfolio Management, Investment Consultancy and other Capital Market activities .

Your personal data may be transferred to administrative and governmental authorities to which such data must be transferred from a legal point of view, direct and indirect shareholders of our company and domestic – international affiliates thereof, our business partners, our suppliers, persons affiliated within scope of brokering / agency activities, domestic – foreign third persons / entities from which our company procure support services or others services in cases allowed by the legislation, independent auditing companies, organizations to which data transfer is permitted by Capital Market Law, electronic media and platforms used for Capital Market operations, and to legal entities such as Capital Markets Board, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., Capital Markets Association of Turkey, Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu A.Ş. (Central Registry Agency, Inc.) the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey due to legal obligations and within legal limitations. Due to abovementioned purposes, your personal data are processed because of investment services and operations, Tax, MASAK (Commission for Investigation of Financial Crimes), Social Security Agency legislation and various legislations concerning the Capital Market Law.

Your personal data are collected through applications filed via our Head Office, web sites , our internet branch / our sites, conversations with customers , ID Sharing System, Address Sharing System , SMS and e-mail channels, digital applications filed at websites , social media, written/digital applications filed at sales teams, other channels such as companies rendering call center services , PTT and other methods through which our company contacts its customers or may contact them in future , and such data are kept for periods set forth in the respective legislation as per the legislation .

Concerning processing of your personal data, pursuant to article number 11 of Privacy Act; you have the right to be informed whether your personal data is processed or not; in case if your personal data is processed, to request information regarding the process, to be informed about the purpose of processing, and whether they are used in accordance to the stated purpose; to know the domestic and foreign third parties , who received your personal data; to request correction of your personal data, if it is incomplete or inaccurate ; to request for erasure or destruction personal data , in case if there no longer exists any reason for data processing; to request informing stakeholders, who have your personal data, in case of erasure or destruction personal data ; to object is an unfavorable result comes out due to analysis of processed information by automatic systems alone; to request for indemnity, in case if you suffer a loss due to the fact that your personal data was processed in a wrong way.