Investment Advisory

Yapı Kredi Asset Management offers investment advisory (investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations) to institutional and individual investors who are in need of tailored investment strategy solutions developed by professional asset managers on their view and expectations.

The basic features of investment advisory include;

  • Custom-made asset allocation based on risk profile and performance target
  • Periodic recommendation for asset allocation
  • Benchmark and portfolio performance analysis
  • Special portfolio reporting and communication

Considering that investors' financial goals and needs may differ, Yapı Kredi Asset Management puts utmost emphasis on knowing the investors' risk parameters and return expectations. Within this scope, Yapı Kredi Asset Management identifies the best "asset allocation model" in line with the investors’ return expectations and needs. Detailed parameters are formulated in order to have a comprehensive picture of investors’ performance targets, risk parameters and liquidity needs. Following this detailed set-up process, Yapı Kredi Asset Management's well-experienced professionals provide regular information about micro and macro market trends, and their effects on portfolios with the help of research backed analysis process tools, such as scenario analysis, yield curve analysis and other basic and technical analysis.